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Tijuana Flats Nocatee Opening

Recent Artwork Blog

Enjoy a brief tour of Nate's latest work, including murals, street art, and more.

Tijuana Flats Nocatee Opening

Nate Baranowski

Featured mural art for new restaurant opening:

Continuing his work with Tijuana Flats, Nate's murals are featured in the new restaurant in Nocatee, FL, that opened at the end of June.

The works include a large mural featuring a fierce mermaid surrounded by her army of metallic fish. In the opposite corner is a large vertical painting on cement board depicting a bionic merman colossus "vandalized" by a graffiti diver.

In addition to the featured murals, each Tijuana Flats restaurant includes various slogans, graphics, and painted ceiling tiles. The art in these ceiling tiles features classic painting and sculpture with a unique Tijuana Flats twist.